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Heat Geek Heating Mastery is an online training course focusing on hydronics and controls in the heating industry. Heating Mastery is broken up into two smaller courses, ‘The Awakening’ which will be released first, teaches the fundamentals of heating design and ‘Mastery’ which goes deeper into hydronic understanding and theory which will be released later. The specific aim is to give real-world usable information and practices in a simple to understand way and cut out unnecessary jargon.

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How the course works

It’s highly important that you interact and ask questions on the Facebook group.  Peer to peer discussion has been proven to be by far the best way of implementing knowledge and cementing that knowledge into memory, unless you’re a brain box and finding it all incredibly easy. It helps both the person asking the question and those answering too, so please answer.  You’ll also see questions and points of view you hadn’t considered.  We would also advise watching the videos more than once to allow the information to sink in, then again after you have completed the questions as you will most likely pick up yet more information or understanding.

Slow down on the bits you’re struggling with, and speed up on the bits you understand.

Key features


System hydronic design and controls, with the aim to give you the tools to assess each scenario for yourself to give the most efficient result, rather than following the rules of thumb we have become so used to in the industry.

The Awakening covers all the theory and physics you need to understand in order to complete the Mastery section.  It covers how energy is converted, calculated and distributed.  It is absolutely essential information to understand before moving on to the mastery section and for heating design in general.

Mastery takes all the information in the Awakening and plays with it to see how we can use it to create the most efficient systems practical.

By far, the most important things to understand to install a heat pump at maximum efficiency is the system hydronics, low temperature system design and low temperature controls.  Understanding the fridge circuit is only important if you’re doing service and repair and most heat pumps now are moving to factory sealed units. 

And actually we are incredibly lucky here. We can practice these low temperature design and controls on our existing and much more forgiving gas boiler systems. And it just so happens condensing gas boilers also benefit from this by using less gas, prolonging the boiler and system life, and increasing comfort. This is literally the perfect practice ground for engineers to refine implementing low temperature design and controls and also gives 1 more mega huge advantage, it makes properties heat pump ready! 

Applicants will need to be living in England, they can be new to the trade or experienced but must be planning to use the information they will learn in order to install the following technologies.

• Heating controls
• Heat pumps
• Solar thermal

Trainees from Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland can apply if they will be working towards being an installer / assessor on the GHG scheme.

*Applicants will be given a deadline that they must commence and complete training by in order to qualify for the subsidised fee, and may be removed from the course if they have not met this.

The trailblazer is requested to be complete before April the first. However we may be given an extension from BEIS for this.

For the full price course you will be given 3 months to complete it. After which your access will be revoked.

Why this course?

Heat Geek is supported by BEIS and certified by CPD. Successful attendees will be awarded a recognised certification upon completion. The advantages of this platform are clear, you don’t have to learn in earning time or family time, you can learn at your own pace, not the average pace of any classroom, and you can go back and recover any information with a click of a button. You will also be building your ultimate heating design reference guide to give you a life long workbook to refer back to.


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