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Heat Pump Enlightenment for Homeowners course
Heat Pump Enlightenment for Homeowners – Essential Enlightenment

Essential guide to heat pumps

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The Course

Essential Enlightenment is the second section of the Enlightenment series. As with any heating installation, there are fundamental steps involved in the planning stages of a heat pump system that need to be carried out. This can seem a little overwhelming at first, although most of these are the responsibility of your installer. However, a general understanding of the processes will help you make informed decisions about the type of system that best suits your needs and ensure you have a good insight during your entire installation.

This section covers the key aspects of the location of your heat pump, the electrical requirements and the general plumbing / controls considerations needed to ensure efficient and reliable operation of your heat pump system.

This Course Covers:

Essential Positioning

  • Manufacturers clearances,
  • Micro-climating,
  • Permitted Development rules,
  • MCS
  • Noise Assessments

Essential Electrical 

  • DNO and applications
  • Looped supplies
  • Maximum Demand calculations

Essential Plumbing and Controls

  • Building regulations
  • Pipework
  • Plumbing
  • Heat pump drainage
  • External pipework and protection
  • Filters and strainers
  • Antifreeze valves vs glycol
  • Hot water cylinders
  • Controls
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What You Get

6 In-depth Training Modules

Access to 6 in-depth training modules over 2 sections (Introducing & Essentials) with videos and questions specifically structured to encourage a full understanding of the content. The exams are not intended to test your memory from the training videos, but to use the information in real-world scenarios.

100% Online - Complete in Your Own Time

With 24-7 access, the entire course is online and accessible from our courses website at any time of the day so you can complete it around your work hours. Simply log in and continue where you left off.

We provide a downloadable Book of Wisdom (in PDF format) to accompany the training videos. Structured to be simple and easy to use, providing users with a straightforward and accessible resource for information in the future.
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