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Introducing Heat Pump Enlightenment

Introducing heating engineers to heat pumps

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The Course

Introducing Heat Pump Enlightenment covers why we should be using heat pumps, as well as the wider energy supply chain, how they work specifically, and the different types of systems you may come across.
The wider heat pump Enlightenment range covers the specifics of heat pump specification, design and commissioning. It gives guidance on the nuances of how to specify for maximum efficiency that all other heat pump training lacks. Rather than the detailed approach of our Mastery course which focuses on theory this course utilises lookup tables and has a more practical approach.

This Course Covers:

Introducing WHY

  • Energy sources
  • Carbon intensity
  • Load shifting
  • Solar and batteries

Introducing HOW

  • Temperature vs heat
  • How heat pumps work
  • Components of a heat pump
  • How we measure efficiency

Introducing TYPES

  • Mono vs split
  • Air vs radiant delivery
  • Air source
  • Ground source – open and closed
  • Water – Open and closed
  • High temperature heat pumps
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What You Get

24-Hour Access

Our course is online and pre-recorded, and you’ll have support from the peer-to-peer group 24-hours a day, which can be accessed at any time day or night to complete in YOUR time, not when best suits us.

7 In-depth Training Modules

Access to 7 in-depth training modules with videos and questions specifically structured to encourage a full understanding of the content, not just memorisation of the numbers!

The questions have been designed not to test your memory of what has been said in the training videos, but to use the information in real-world scenarios. This also forces you over to our peer-to-peer support platform to engage with other engineers, which has been scientifically proven to be the best way to learn new information.

Industry-leading 'Factoid' guidebook

This is your opportunity to begin your lifelong reference book for anything in heat pumps!  With easy reference tables and all processes broken down in to manageable chunks. 

Unlimited Peer Support

Access to unlimited support from other engineers for each phase of the course in our support groups.  Other engineers, system designers, policy makers, and enthusiasts are also pushed to use the groups providing a wider perspective from lots of different backgrounds.

100% Online - Complete in Your Own Time

The entire course is online and accessible from our courses website at any time of the day so you can complete it around your work hours. Simply log in and continue where you left off.

Heat Geek Branding License

License to use the Heat Geek branding to promote your business.  As the brand becomes more recognised by consumers (our current focus), this will become a symbol of quality.


If you need support during this course, please use the Facebook Group.

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