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Corrosion Protection

The ELYSATOR® is market leader in corrosion protection of recirculation water systems by using a sacrificial anode to extract oxygen, acid and aggressive salts from the water. It is equally suitable for protecting new systems and for retrofit in existing plants.

The electro-chemical reaction of the sacrificial anode is reliable, measurable and works without chemical additives. Numerous institutions and manufacturers promote this successful method having a range of positive experience for over 40 years now. Installation and service are easy and at low cost.

We Offer Trio Systems

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Effective corrosion protection for small & medium heating-/cooling systems


The ELYSATOR® trio is the only corrosion protection system on the market separating gasses, absorbing acids and filtering sludge particles at the same time. In such manner, valuable components can be protected and malfunction of the hydraulic action in a recirculation water system can be avoided.


domestic heating and cooling systems up to approximately 5’000 litres of water content.

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