PUROTAP® Disposable Cartridge

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Filling water for small systems

PUROTAP® disposable cartridges – NEW in premium quality PUROTAP® HF nexion

Two types of the familiar PUROTAP® ion exchange resin cartridges for demineralising tap water are now available.

The proven PUROTAP® HF highpower high capacity resin for conventional heating systems has now been joined by the new PUROTAP® HF nexion resin with a defined surplus of anion resin for regulating the pH. The perfect water for the new generation of systems, such as those with heat pumps or large capacity cylinders.


The disposable cartridge easily eliminates minerals and aggressive salts from the filling water. Simply connect the water hose to the cartridge and fill the system with the water passing through the Purotap® system. Works on basis of ion exchange, does not add any chemicals to the water. Dispose cartridge with regular domestic waste.

Suitable for

Single-use product, ready for professionals and consumers. Back-up solution for mobile service units in after sales. Qualified as original equipment to accompany any furnace or heat pump requiring a water quality without dissolved solids.


PUROTAP® 1000 highpower
PUROTAP® 500 highpower
PUROTAP® 750 nexion

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500 Disposable Cartridge, 700 Disposable Cartridge, 1000 Disposable Cartridge, Nexion Resin Disposable Cartridge

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